The most effective and safest face lifting and body shaping treatment system using Focused Ultrasound.


Eliminates expression lines, wrinkles around the eyes, mouth and neck. Produces a tightening effect (HIFU Facial). Minimizes signs of aging by promoting the regeneration of collagen and elastin in a natural way.

Destroys localized fat, Firms arms, abdomen, waist, flanks, buttocks and legs, Prevents flaccidity after body contouring.

This innovative aesthetic treatment system is the fastest on the market, performing 300 shots in less than 8 minutes.

With ULTRAcel Q+ you will obtain the best results in less time in facial or body application.


Secret DUO Fractional Laser Er:Glass 1540nm + Fractional RF
Secret DUO offers dual non-ablative fractional technologies of microneedle radiofrequency and Fractional Laser Er:Glass 1540nm in one device as a total solution for aesthetic treatments. Both technologies work individually or in combined treatment. This new technique comprised of non-ablative fractional lasers for skin rejuvenation makes the process gentler, with significantly reduced downtime and recovery time compared to conventional fractional ablative lasers. Secret DUO allows for effective and uncomplicated treatment of a wide range of skin problems. Increasing income potential and a higher return on investment.



Edge ONE
The Intelligent Fractional CO2 Laser, Edge ONE’s fractional technology causes ablation quickly and at specific points on the skin without affecting the surrounding area, allowing for more comfortable treatments and less recovery time.

The laser for pigmented lesions TRI-BEAM Premium is the newest Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser system. This technology achieves extremely fast pulse emissions to maximize the photoacoustic effect and eliminate the thermal effect, thus avoiding the reappearance of pigmentations. It is the only equipment that offers three great technologies to optimize the results in hyperpigmentation, and finally achieve an effective treatment in melasma.


COOLSHAPING2 is a cryolipolysis device. The combination of Cryo and Vacuum technology creates a safe and secure slimming effect. Cryolipolysis is a new non-invasive technology that works with targeted and gradual cooling exposure to reduce subcutaneous fat in different areas of the body.

Treatment Areas
Helps eliminate localized fat in the jowls, knee and side of the chest. Firms inner thigh, outer thigh and forearm. Helps reduce fat cells in abdomen, waist, hip and back.


Cellec V Excellence in IPL A total of 9 filters provide a more precise and safer treatment.

Safe and comfortable The powerful Cooling System protects the skin from side effects by maintaining the temperature between 0°C and 5°C throughout the procedure.

Powerful Cooling Power allows more energy to be applied only to the lesions, reducing pain and possible adverse effects.

Specialized Vascular Filters
More precise and safer vascular treatment is now available by choosing filters according to skin type and depth in the target vessel. Narrow wavelength filters are included as standard to increase treatment safety.


It is a piece of equipment that helps maintain a healthy body by sculpting muscles in an aesthetic way. Its two handpieces perform effective treatment of the abdomen, shoulder, thighs, buttocks and more.

Firms and sculpts abdomen, shoulders, thighs, buttocks and other areas. Does not generate heat or freeze, so it does not cause pain or damage the skin. No downtime is required.

Water cooling
Powerful water circulation calms the coil heat for satisfactory treatment without downtime. There is no danger of oil and water leakage.


Hydratouch H2
Now it not only removes oil and keratin, but also active oxygen, which is the cause of aging! Hydratouch H2 uses highly concentrated hydrogenated water to release active oxygen from the skin and counteract aging.

Hydratouch H2 Premium H2 Module
Uses a radial tip to deliver hydrogen directly to skin lesions, thereby removing active oxygen and reducing damaged cells to restore healthy cells.

Hydratouch H2 Hypoallergenic Peeling System
As the peeling solution exits from the center of the tip, it rotates with a strong radial principle, and by suctioning the debris, it is possible to remove it from the pores without tearing the skin.